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"Coalmining in Russia"
resource is supported with IGNATOV & COMPANY GROUP that is a group of market researchers and consultants providing world-class service for international clients since 1998, with special emphasis on the emerging economies worldwide. We cover four out of five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and SAR) as well as other emerging markets in the Former Soviet Union states, Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus, Caspian region, Western Asia, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. In addition to emerging markets worldwide our portfolio also includes developed Western European countries. Our well-trained team of consultants, researchers, and analysts has gained special knowledge and good experience in market research, company intelligence, benchmarking, business intelligence and analytics, news syndication and aggregation, business and engineering consulting, and foresight for various kinds of clients.

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In 2011, Russia produced 336.3 million t of coal. This represents 4% growth over the 2010 total (323.3 million t) and thus 2011 became the year of a record level in coal production in post-Soviet Russia. Some 90% of the output was provided by just the 18 largest players in the industry, demonstrating the concentrated nature of the Russian coal mining business.

Since the early 2000s Russia benefits the status of coal net-exporter. Russia became the world’s # 3 coal exporter (after Australia and Indonesia) – with approximately 11% in global coal trade. Prior to 2009 Russia’s coal export was oriented mainly EU – with 73.4% share. But following market drop in Europe the western route of Russian coal export became less and less attractive. Meanwhile the demand in APAC continued to grow – even in crisis period; 2009 became the time when several Russian coal tycoons began to shift export interests from EU to Asia-Pacific...

Total investments in Russian coal mining totalled US$ 2 billion in 2010. Of these, foreign direct investment (FDI) accounted for less than US$ 40 million, or just 2% of the total. Therefore in general terms, foreign investors are weakly represented in the Russian coal mining industry. Will this trend continue? Why have foreign investors not entered the market in the past? Will they do it in the future?

Want to know more about foreign investments in Russia's coal industry? Buy and read our new "Foreign Investments in Russian Coal Market" report.

Want to know more about Russia's coal export shift from EU to APAC as well as about M&A activities in thermal coal and investments in coal transportation infrastructure? Ignatov & Company Group presents a comprehensive analysis for Russia's coalmining market in 2010-2011 in our new "Russian Coal Market 2010-2011 - Brief Analysis" report.

At March 2012 "World Coal" magazine published an article "Every Rose Has Its Thorns" written with Mr. Alexander Ignatov, our founder and president; this article contains brief analysis for foreign investments in Russia's coal

At October 2010 "World Coal" magazine has published another article with Mr. Ignatov - "A Battle Begins" - with analysis for the future privatization of coalmining assets in Ukraine; the Russian investors are among the main pretenders, potentially competing with SCM, ArcelorMittal and, probaly, the Chinese.

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